Monday, November 3, 2014

Tile is gone!

Jan and I worked all day long to get the rest of the tile out.  It is amazing that it is so difficult.  We could barely move at the end of the day.  We also removed our new desk/cabinet and bookshelves.  Then we collapsed into comas:-)

A good start

Almost done

The little shards under the trim work were
quite a challenge!
We have both decided that neither of us wants to get a job removing porcelain tile no matter what it pays.  How it can stick the way it does, and then of course it shatters into razor sharp shards when you try to pry it up.  Just that small area, perhaps 32 square feet took all day!  And we are still hobbling around today, but it's all gone and the good stuff is coming.  We did have one bad find though, seems we have a small water leak around the driver's side window.  We will patch it now and pull it out and recaulk later.  Always something, right?
Bert says, "Why are you disrupting my home?"
So we are loosening up and awaiting Ernie's arrival at 8am.  He said he will remove our slide out carpet, measure, cut the new carpet, put in a seam, and send us off with the new carpet to have it bound on the border that goes on the edge of the slide out.  Then the bedroom gets demo done, as he will start laying the wood there first.  Yippee!

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