Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Lots of progress!

We had a great day yesterday, not that we feel much better this morning:-)  Ernie started right off by pulling out the old carpet on the slide out, using it as a template for the new carpet and sent Jan and I off to the binders.  The carpet edge where it meets the floor has to be bound.
Ernie hard at work

Then into the bedroom for demo of the carpet.  We got rid of the bed and its platform to give us access, and a lot of it was a bear to get out as Monaco must have used, oh maybe, a million staples!  But we did it!
Good access with the bed removed

Here we go

Ernie wondering how they even had room for all the staples
Also the pictures don't do Jan justice as she took the pictures, believe me she is as hard at work doing this as Ernie and I are!  But even though the demo might not be fun, it's the anticipation of what comes next.  Wood!
Demo almost complete

Floor turned out pretty good
Ernie put down a little floor leveler where the plywood meets the OSB to make it smooth.
Looking at the first piece of wood
Today is a big day, Ernie will be installing wood.  It's pretty exciting, meanwhile Jan and I have to pull the remaining couch, and remove all the carpet underneath.  Also when we bought our wood, we were unable to get the stair nose trim needed at the entry steps and had to order it.  We got confirmation yesterday that it will arrive on Thursday.  It should not hold us up.  Onward!


Sandy Smith said...

Considering what a coach like this cost new, they use, $6.00 a sheet O.S.B. as underlayment?

Bill said...

Guess so, makes you wonder, huh?