Saturday, November 22, 2014

Clicking off the days, freezing our asses off, and waiting for Turkey Day

Which all sounds bad, but I don't mean it that way.  We've had a nice visit with Kelly and Todd and the Gkids when they drove down to see us.  It is very nice that they are nearby, only an hour and a half away, in fact Jan has gone up to help Kelly with some stuff and we are both headed up there today for the weekend to see their new house, neighborhood, and of course the kids.

We've been visiting with Tom, solving the problems in the world, and I have even had an opportunity to do one of my favorite things, mow some leaves!  And it would all be a lot better if it would warm up just a bit!

Karen has been off visiting one of her horses in NC, but will get back the same time we will on Sunday, then Jason will arrive Monday night, we'll go get the kids on Tuesday, Kelly and Todd will arrive Wed, Jason's friend will arrive Thurs, and our merry group will feast later that day.

It's nice to be with family, but we have to admit the Florida weather is calling us:-)

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