Monday, November 10, 2014

It's all done!!

Ernie made a real run for it Sunday, and it was looking pretty good, but Murphy got in the way at the end.  First he installed the carpet on the slide.
Laying it in

Making the final adjustments and cuts

In and vacuumed
Then he moved to finish the last big trim piece in the bedroom.  
All done also

Bert was NOT impressed!
Meanwhile Jan and I tried to stay ahead of him and do what needed to be done and stay out of his way.  I had wanted an extra switch to control the GPS and the Tire Pressure Monitor, so I got that installed and working while the dash was ripped apart.
Almost looks like I know what I'm doing:-)

Git er done
That left little trim pieces here and there behind the pedals, on the side consoles, etc.
Ernie working and me bothering him
But at the end of the day, with Murphy intervening, the entry step area won.  Piece after piece was installed and reinstalled as Ernie is a perfectionist, and it became apparent we would have to complete the rest this morning.  And that was okay, it gave Jan and I a chance to reinstall the cabinet and bookshelves, bring in and put away tons of stuff we had moved out, and by the end of our night things were looking like home sweet home.
Cleaning and cabinet going in

Taking a little rest
So first thing this morning Jan and I finished getting cabinet drawers and electric installed.  Then Ernie showed up with two big guys who carried the two captains chairs in, by the way they each probably weigh over 100#!  So Ernie jumped back in on the entry way and got the sides all finished and went to work on the step cover.
Wood going on the step cover

Bert says, "It's about time you got my chairs back in here!"

Chairs getting fastened down.
So after all the little things, we loaded up the remaining pieces of wood and a bit of carpet, said good bye and a BIG thank you to Ernie for his excellent work.  Please if you are considering having a new floor installed in your motorhome please give Ernie Ekberg a buzz.  He's pretty booked up and with good reason, but worth it in all ways!
All back in place and beautiful, beautiful!!


Anonymous said...

HI Bill! I'm still following your progress. You sure get around the country! That looks like a lot of work but the outcome looks great. I haven't done much other than work since the return from AK. Have only flown the 170 once since parking it back in Georgia. Hope to see you again soon. Keith G.

Bill said...

Nice to hear from you Keith. The floor WAS a lot of work, but we are very pleased!

Met Brett C in Dallas while we were in Texas, he was almost done training, having a great time, not:-(

It would be great if our schedules met up!

Larry said...

The new floor looks really fabulous. Too bad about the snow in Kentucky, but there is an upside. It's 27 in Georgetown today, and we don't get to see the pretty white blanket.

Bill said...

Hey thanks. We really like it, it was worth waiting for. The snow is tapering down now and I have to admit it is pretty as long as you don't have to be somewhere. Keep warm!