Sunday, November 9, 2014

Closing in on it!

What a day!  The front main floor is complete.  And it does look wonderful.  Ernie worked a long day getting it completely done before he quit for the day.  And the best news, he is going to work today to (hopefully) finish us up.  Don't want to jinx it:-)

Pretty, huh?

The main floor
Jan and I got several little things done while Ernie was installing.  I added an outlet near the front door, trimmed up some wood around the entry so Ernie can finish the sides of the entry stairway, rebuilt the trim cover for the bedroom, and returned an extra can of adhesive.  Here's a view of our home away from home at Ernie's.
Parked right next to Ernie's beautiful Blue Bird

Working on the new outlet
So today, to quote Ernie's website, "The main floor has been completed. Tomorrow, I'll add carpet to the slide, work on bedroom cabinet area, and install the entry wood. Ernie"  All Jan and will have to do is spray some foam insulation in the gaping holes Monaco left in construction, bring in and remount our desk/cabinet and bookshelves, remount the captain's chairs, and try to clean up the incredible cluttered mess a project of this size creates.  But it is all good, it looks fabulous, and Ernie has been doing an incredible job!  So will we be out of here tomorrow, that's the $64,000 question??


Cathie said...

the floor is gorgeous. looking forward to seeing it in person sometime after the new year.

Bill said...

And we are looking forward to seeing both of you!