Sunday, November 2, 2014

Here we go!

We met Ernie bright and early and headed into Fort Worth, at least I think it was Fort Worth, we drove for a long time and went to a Lumber Liquidators.  Jan picked out a beautiful cyprus and a beautiful hickory.  Really couldn't decide between the two, but the decision was made for us, no cyprus in stock, but plenty of hickory.  So we loaded up the truck with our wood, then had to drive another 20 minutes or so to get to another Lumber Liquidator that had the T-molding we needed.  Only glitch in the plan was no one had the stair nose so it is on a fast track order from their warehouse in NY, and being sent directly to Ernie.
A couple pics of our new wood
One of our goals is to lighten up the interior of our coach, so as you can see the wood is light.  Since we lived with the color of the plywood all summer long, we felt that it was really effective brightening things up.

After a quick lunch stop we went to find some carpet.  We are using carpet on our front driver's side slide out, and a little here and there in the bedroom.  We found a really nice piece that fit the bill and had the added benefit of being a big remnant which saves some bucks:-)

So now that we have our material, that leaves the demo, which Jan and I are going to help with.  Ernie takes Sunday off, so after finding out exactly what he needs, we are going to tackle the rest of the tile floor.  We are not looking forward to it, if you remember our travails with the rest of it, but that's our chore today, and hopefully we can get it out and remove our new desk/cabinet, and a few other things and be ready to start fresh with Ernie tomorrow.  We already took the captain's chairs out.
No chairs and the last of the tile to come out

I have a feeling the mess is just beginning
More updates tomorrow if Jan and I can still move around:-)

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