Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thanksgiving has dawned, well actually hasn't dawned yet, but soon.  This is a big day and holiday for us.  We are thankful for our friends, family, and our lifestyle.  We have had the opportunity to travel all over this country this year, including the 49th and 50th state, and do it in part in company with family, we have enjoyed good health, and remained active and interested to enjoy and absorb all that we have seen and experienced.  We will later today enjoy the company of our close family, and welcome new friends.  We will think of the ones that were unable to come this year, and the ones that have moved on.

So, please do the same with your family and friends, and later this week as the holiday winds down, we will catch you up on our travels and a few gremlins we have experienced recently.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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