Sunday, February 1, 2015

Short post

We just arrived at Creative Coach for our week of work.  We get anxious about these events, although we are looking forward to getting our bodywork and paint done, and our captain chairs recovered, we are somewhat dreading the disruption to our life for this upcoming week.  We are parked in an absolutely beautiful parking area behind one of the buildings:-)  Creative Coach is nice enough to have a spot where we can park while we are having our work done, at least while the coach is not in the paint shop.
Picturesque, huh?
Now before you start feeling too bad for us, remember we are fully self-contained, so in actuality we just cooked our chicken wings for our Superbowl dinner, are comfortably air conditioned watching the game in HD, while sipping our adult beverages:-)

If you've been following us for awhile you know I go on and on about how much we love this lifestyle and the incredible freedom it affords us, but honestly there are a couple downsides to it.  Since our coach is our home, when it needs to go in for service and particularly like this time when it needs to spend some time in a paint shop, we have to go somewhere else, like a hotel or mooch off friends or family.  And even if we don't have to spend time in a hotel, we don't have a house to go hang out in while the coach is fixed.  That and the fact we don't have a place for friends and family to come stay with us are for Jan and I our biggest downsides to this wonderful lifestyle.

So we'll find out tomorrow what the plans are and what we will have to do, so friends and family within 500 miles watch out we may be calling:-)

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