Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Day 7, delay, delay

Today was much slower, didn't move around until noon or so.  There was a small glitch when the headlight bezel was installed so off it came again to be made perfect.  Our awning and the fake rail were both installed, our step motor after finding out the one I bought was not the right one, and running back to Lazy Days to exchange it is all installed and working beautifully, everything was buffed and looks good, but.....

No chairs yet.  Found out the person that does the recovering had a gall bladder attack and spent a day at the hospital, so we are delayed.  Hard to get too mad when someone's health is involved, but it looks like we may be here through another weekend:-(

In anticipation of hanging out we dumped our tanks again and filled up with water so we are pretty set for awhile.  It's not Creative Coach's fault, it's beyond their control as well. Karma, I guess.

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