Thursday, February 5, 2015

Day 4, more progress and murphy makes himself known

Same start, 8am, and we are ready.  Dan rolls us back in the bay.  We had a ton of rain overnight, more than 2 inches, so we tipped the motorhome way, way back to keep the water towards the rear.  Rick spent the first hour blowing us dry.  

I may not have mentioned it previously, but our entry steps have been a little reluctant going in and out.  They retract when we drive down the road, but when we open the door they extend and retract when the door is closed.  They have rebelled a couple times in the last month or so, so we went under, should I say Jan went under the motorhome and cleaned them up.  We figured they had picked up so much dirt and grime from our Alaska trip that maybe that was the only problem.  Now normally when we are parked for awhile like here in Florida, we set the steps to just stay out, but here working on the coach, we have them set to retract each time the door closes so Rick can slide his platform up to the side of the coach to work on the front cap.  Well, today Murphy raised his head and the steps quit again, then they worked awhile later, then they quit, you get the idea.  So by the time we figured out the motor was bad it was 5pm, so I missed ordering a replacement by 5 mins!  A project for tomorrow.

Anyway I digress, midmorning Jan and I took off to go find some lunch, do a little grocery shopping and get away for a bit.  We had a good lunch, drove to a very disappointing Camping World to look around, picked up some groceries and headed back.  

In the meantime Rick had sanded down all the filled spots again, sanded and primed the entire front cap, and we found out we are going into the paint booth tomorrow!
Rick hard at work

Rick has removed our clearance lights

CB antenna removed and entire front cap prepped

Ready for paint!
So we will have a busy morning tomorrow.  Dan is going to come in a little early so we can dump our gray tank in anticipation of being here for several more days, fill our fresh water tank, and put us in the paint booth, so we need to get lost for the day.  We do have a couple goals though, one to get a replacement motor for our steps and find a new CB antenna mount to replace our corroded one Rick removed.  So hopefully we will return in the afternoon, find our newly painted coach looking good, with a new step motor that Dan can install, and be ready to settle in for the weekend.

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