Monday, February 16, 2015

Day 9, 10, 11, finally some news!

We got back yesterday afternoon after a nice few days away.  Bert was waiting anxiously for us.  Funny, how in starting the 3rd week our enthusiasm has waned to say the least.  We settled in for the night.

Lots of activity began a busy Monday for Creative Coach.  We pulled in 2 of our slides to make a little more room for the numerous coaches coming and going around us.  After looking at each other for the morning, Jan finally had enough and headed into the office for an update, talked to Keith the owner who said he would have some information a little later.  Sure enough in about 30 minutes Keith reported that the only thing left on our chairs was one headrest and 2 arms, and we could expect them here and installed tomorrow!!!!!  Yeeeeppppeeee, hooray, and hallelujah!  Also tomorrow they are taking us into detail to clean up and wash the coach.  It needs it.  It is really dirty from the body work done to ours and the dust created by the shop as it operates.  

Now on another note, we have a computer controlled multiplex wiring system on our coach.  It enables switches to be programed and control different functions all around the coach, turn on and off lights, water pump, heat, fans, etc., kind of like a "smart house".  The potential danger is since our coach manufacturer, Monaco, is out of business, if something happens to a component or computer, a backup software program is not available.  So last year we found a company, M&M Electronics that has taken over the multiplex systems and can provide a backup system to hold just in case of, and can reprogram any of the switches and functions we would like.  We had planned to rendezvous with them in their shop in Ohio last year, but were unable to get there.  We just found out that for a few months this winter they have set up operations not too far from us in Deland, FL, so we have plans to go see them and have this preventative work done, and a couple switches that have driven us crazy reprogramed.  So hopefully all will go as planned this week, and after M&M on Thursday morning, we will finally be back in our winter hideout in Venice Thursday night!

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