Saturday, January 24, 2015

More plans

Seems we are always adding plans to our life even after I got done saying we wanted to just settle down and enjoy our time in Florida.  We've been busy.  I've been having an issue with my computer since it was new, but it wasn't really important enough to take a bunch of time out to take care of it.  But after a long phone call with Applecare, it was recommended that I take it in and have it looked at since it was looking like a hardware problem.  So I backed everything up to the best of my knowledge and off went to the new Apple store in Sarasota.  They wanted to keep it and run diagnostics on it and then would call to let me know.  They called late in the afternoon, said they found some problems and they would need to send it off for a week to get it fixed, and they would be able to send it immediately that evening.  Super!  So I go back, hook Jan's computer to my external hard drive to be sure all my backups are there, and what, the info isn't there!  The problem I was having evidently had affected the back up as well, so I panic, call the store hoping they haven't sent it off yet, they hadn't, so raced up there to intercept it before they sent it at 6pm.  Got it back and was able to move all the unique data off my computer onto Jan's, so I was good to go.  Now I'm just waiting to hear when it comes back, and I'll tell you, it is cold turkey without it, although I steal Jan's every chance I get:-)

Then we needed to go back up to Creative Coach to pick out material for our captain's chairs that we are going to have recovered.  That ended up taking quite a bit of time as there are many, many types of material and tons of colors, then we had to decide whether to go two tone or solid, but eventually Jan got it down to two different ultra leather companies and we took the samples back to our motorhome.  Then with a bunch of back and forth and messing around we chose the color and material.  While we were there we discussed yet another project we have on our plate.

For some reason Monaco, our coach's manufacturer changed out our windshield wiper system 4 coaches down the production line from ours.  How do we know that, well, a few years ago we pulled into a campground in Denver, and lo and behold we parked right next to our twin!  Same color model etc.  BUT it had the upgraded slide topper awnings that we recently changed over to, and a robust, rugged windshield wiper system as compared to our puny one.  So we compared our coach numbers and build dates, and sure enough their coach was built a couple weeks later than ours.  Wipers are like a leaking roof, you just don't worry about it when it isn't raining, but then on that blowing, pouring down day going down the road they come back to haunt you!  In fact ours are so bad that if there is any headwind with the rain, the driver's wiper comes up and across right to left, and goes right past the edge of my windshield then stalls there.  It may take up to a minute or so for the motor to cool, the wind to abate and finally back it comes.  So this was a project we wanted to address, because as much as we are daylight fair-weather fans, sometime mother nature bites you.  I had been in contact with the company that built the upgraded rugged wiper system and they assured me ours could be retrofitted, so I ordered and they sent me the parts.  Well on close inspection with the new parts it appears that there is a good chance that a little fiberglass work may be required to beef up the mounting attachment points, so we asked Creative Coach if they could handle our wiper replacement while we were there and of course the answer was yes.  So hopefully our week visit with them will still be only a week when all is said and done.  

And, wow, just got an email that my computer is back from repair, so off we go!

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