Friday, December 12, 2014

Out of disappointment comes a ray of sunshine!

We visit the Atlanta area twice a year for the most part now.  It lets us see our dentist, and we still have 2 doctors we haven't switched to Florida yet.  We will in the future switch the docs, but we will do whatever it takes to keep our dentist, no matter what.  Also we get a chance to see our son Jason as he works in the Atlanta area now, and we have several close friends that we catch up with.  But when we are just sitting here and the temps are in the high 20's at night and only high 40's in the day, and we aren't visiting or getting poked and prodded, we aren't really enjoying it too much:-)

We have had a very nice time this visit.  We got the dentist out of the way, and have seen Jason numerous times, visited with John and Diane several times, had dinner with Ted and Pattie, and were looking forward to seeing Brett, Sandra, and the "girls".  They have been going through a traumatic transition, and we really wanted to get together.  Unfortunately, Brett came down with the flu, so we all decided to err on the caution side and postpone our visit until another time.  We are so disappointed to have missed seeing you guys!

But.....we're going to cut out early now and head for the rays of sunshine and warmth in Florida!  In fact we are pulling up stakes today, and will be in our "winter home" , Royal Coachman RV Resort in Nokomis, FL by Saturday!  


Sandy Smith said...

did you get your expensive and complicated water heater in?

Bill said...

It's not being shipped until Monday from Colorado, so hopefully it will arrive end of next week. Then the install.

Unknown said...

This looked like a fruitful visit! Your dentist must be so good, you're even willing to put up with quite a hike just to have your teeth checked. Anyway, it seems best if your appointments are timed with other visits in the area, so it wouldn't be too much of a burden to you guys. I hope Brett shook off the flu by now, so that you could visit him the next time you're in town. Take care!

Justene Doan @ A+ Family Dentistry

Bill said...


Yes our dentist is that good! We have been seeing him since 1998 when we first moved to the Atlanta area. He has helped us through some serious "tooth" events even after hours and on the weekends. I'm sure you agree once you find your special dentist it pays to stay if you can. Ended up missing Brett this time around, but will make up for it next time.