Thursday, May 28, 2020

What virus?

We arrived here in north Georgia on Thursday before Memorial Day weekend to a completely full campground.  People were milling around, the pool was crowded, kids were playing and riding bikes all over the place.  And later many, many get-togethers barbecuing, visiting, drinking and eating together.  Not a mask in sight, and really no distancing that we could see.

We were able for the first time in a long time, to do some road trips with a picnic.  Man, it's been awhile!  We took a ride up the Nantahala river in NC, and to a stream where we have fished a few times, then around to Hiawassee GA, then another day we drove down to Seneca, SC and Lake Keowee, then up to Lake Toxaway in NC.  And if it hadn't been pouring rain and foggy, I'd share some beautiful pictures with you:-)  No, Mother Nature has not been cooperating, we have had rain, thunderstorms, and fog every day.  

But Jan has been outdoing herself cooking, we've had amazing crab cakes, and awesome scallop and shrimp chowder, among other delicious meals.  All while I'm learning to cope with a missing tooth.....
Oh yeah!


The campground here has actually worked out better than we initially thought on arrival. It is Willow Valley RV Resort, but it is a stretch to be called a resort.  It is nice enough, large sites and paved roads, but gravel sites, and the picnic tables are sitting on muddy grass with all the rain and the fact the campground is still quite new.  But now that the holiday weekend traffic has left it about a third full, it is nice and quiet and very spaced out from one another, just right for cooling our heels.
The view from our site, hills!
So, we have a few more days before we move west, still supposed to rain everyday, but we're getting a lot of reading done, and a few little chores here and there.  We'll go grocery shopping, then off for Oregon.  

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