Wednesday, May 20, 2020

What to think?

We are rapidly closing in on our two weeks here in Atlanta.  We've managed to get some things done we were unable to do in Florida.  Jan has gotten her hair done, after weeks and weeks.  I managed to get my permanent crown put on, and we both were able to get our second Shingrix shot.  Unfortunately Jan due to scheduling was unable to get her dental implant done.  But mostly we are doing the same thing here in Georgia that we were doing in Florida, hunkering down, walking, reading, etc.
Our site in GA
We did some Chinese take out, and ate in the car.
It was yummy
We even had a nice distanced evening with a fire with John and Diane.  And are planning on another distanced get together before we leave.  Feels odd, no hugs, no hand shaking, no contact.  But we have been observing also.  Our campground here, Allatoona Landing, the same campground we stayed at for years while I was still working is unique in the fact the land is owned by the COE, but it is run by a private company.  It looks and feels a lot like a state park right on the lake.  By that I mean the sites are fairly well spread out, they are mostly just water and electric, very few full hookups, and it has the feel of a state park in which every weekend it is crammed full with families having fun and enjoying the lake, visiting, boating, campfires, etc.  And if you closed your eyes and popped in here, there is no way you would ever think there was any social distancing, no awful virus lurking, people are eating together, visiting, hugging new arrivals, kids playing together, just carrying on like normal.  But if you go to the grocery store, you do see signs of distancing, employees and maybe half the customers wearing masks, one way aisles, and plexiglass shields.  Of course Georgia is one of the states that has started opening up, and I'm sure a lot of what we see is a result of that.  At first I was amazed and a little appalled that people seemed to be ignoring the threat, but then I thought, man if all these people are doing this and there isn't a huge spike in cases, which there is not here in GA, maybe it's really not as bad as we are led to believe.  I don't know.  We, personally are still distancing, still respecting the situation, but getting more frustrated with the dictatorial lock downs that some governors have imposed without overt justifiable reasons.  Are they feeling the power?  I resist politics on my blog, but it is troubling and a bit frightening that the reaction to this pandemic appears to be turning more and more political by the day.  Okay enough of that.

We have made a vet appointment for Bert and will do that on the way to our next stop, yes we have to take him in the motorhome:-)  We have been fine tuning our trip to Oregon for the paint work, and had a moment of panic when we got word that the VRBO we had booked to stay in while the work was being done cancelled out on us.  With some scrambling we found another place on AirBnB that should work out.  Then we made it a point to check in with every campground on our way west to be sure they were definitely open and if there were any unique virus protocols.  Most are doing a faceless check in, and a pay before you arrive.  Appropriate enough.  So we plan to cool our jets another week and a half in northern GA at a new RV resort, Willow Valley, before our trek to the west coast.  We have several windows on the coach that are fogging up.  This is a common problem with the dual pane glass that is installed and is now more than 12 years old, especially being outside all the time.  There is a company in Arkansas that specializes in repairing them and we have an appointment to take care of them on our way west.  I will make another post describing the process and if all is well and I can recommend them, give out their name at that time. 

Well, a big PS:  Just when you think all is hunky dory, you get bit.  I broke a tooth eating a take out pizza, not just broke it, split it in two!  So I had to have it pulled out and was hoping to have an implant put in, not expected by far, and a bit crazy.  Unfortunately they weren't able to do the implant and had to do a bone graft and wait on the implant.  And then the absolute icing on the cake, as I am coming out of sedation somehow, unbelievably I break yet another tooth!  So back to the dentist and thankfully it can repaired instead of another crown.  Here we come to GA to have Jan get her dental implant, it turns out they can't schedule her in our time here, so just to make up for that, it turns out it is my time to shine:-(


Sandy said...

This was NEVER an extinction event and somebody in Washington should get a second opinion other than Fauci.

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