Tuesday, July 28, 2015

U-Turn and our mad dash westbound!

Well, maybe not mad dash, but we aren't fooling around.  When we left Harrington, ME, we began our westbound leg which will culminate ultimately in Durango, CO.  We will meander up through Michigan, into the UP, across Minnesota and North Dakota down through Buffalo, WY, Denver, and Pagosa Springs on our way.  But for Jan and I the best part is we have "west" in the window.

Before we left, for our last dinner in Harrington, we bought 2 huge 2.75+ pound lobsters with the express reason we wanted leftovers to make a lobster salad later.  And the fact that lobster is really cheap right now in Maine made it all the better!

Dinner is served!
Then the next day we met up with friends that we winter with in Florida, Bob and Harlean, that live in Augusta in the summer.  We had a wonderful visit, albeit too short, with two really great folks.  We got a bit of a tour around the area, ate at the very famous, Red Barn, and then went over to visit Scott, Harlean's brother and to see his cars.  The Red Barn is especially known for their Seafood Stew, and yes I'm using capitals.  We've had a lot of seafood stew over the years that we thought was good, but this absolutely sets the bar.  It is so full of succulent scallops, sweet shrimp, tender haddock, and of course, luscious lobster, and NO potatoes! There is hardly room for the delicious broth for all the seafood.  Incredible!

Bob and Harlean enjoying their stew
They even have foot long lobster rolls with over a pound of lobster meat!  No, we didn't have one:-)
Then over to Scott's, nice to see him as well, and to see his collection of cars.  One of the highlights is his original 1969 Z28 Camaro that he bought new in Fargo, ND.  Absolutely beautiful!
So after an all too short visit, we were off to Mass the next morning.  And that evening we enjoyed our leftover lobster salad, and some fresh corn we bought along the way.
Looks good, huh?
This morning we are going to Corning, NY, then the next day another quick visit in Erie, PA to see some family, and then we just keep rolling along for a few weeks.


Nancy said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying all that seafood. I'm somewhat green with envy! But then we have our green chili.......fresh just coming in. Give my best to Aunt Laura and Uncle Larry, Mark and Barb. Safe travels!

Bill said...

I guess what we need is that green chili on our seafood. Yes, it was great and we made the most of it. Won't see it for awhile now. It will be a short visit today, we developed a problem with the motorhome and have to be in Elkhart tomorrow morning!