Monday, July 13, 2015

Delicious and fun times in Maine!

We spent a few days in Scarborough, ME awaiting our son Jason's arrival late Wednesday night.  Yeah, late, ETA 11:30PM, and for us that is seriously late.  But he was right on time and so were we and since it was a very convenient 8 miles from our campsite we were in bed almost before midnight.  Now we had several goals in mind for his visit and mostly it surrounded amazing lobster rolls from various places we had visited a couple years ago. 
Campsite in Scarborough

We had one more whole day in Scarborough before we were to move on to Boothbay, and we made the most of it.  We started off with a great couple of miles on the beach.

Then we were to meet Ray and April at the Clam Shack in Kennebunkport for some lobster rolls.  Now Jason had never had any of these, but we had told him how wonderful they were and that we had 3 extraordinary ones lined up for his visit.  When we devoured these rolls with Karen 2 years ago, we felt the Clam Shack rolls were number one.  Well, summer has definitely arrived in Kennebunkport with traffic that was unbelievable, so our planned rendezvous didn't work perfectly, but we were still able to see Ray and April, eat some very good lobster rolls and enjoy a dynamite view.

Clam Shack Rolls!

Nice view

Jason and I solving problems
So after we bid good bye to Ray and April we drove back along the coast, admired Bush's Walker Point, and spent a nice day.

The next day we headed on up to Boothbay, and decided since we would arrive early, we should run downtown for lunch at the Boothbay Lobster Wharf.  It was a gorgeous day to sit outside on the dock and enjoy incredible food, since we had at least 2 other lobster rolls on our agenda we instead got delicious fried clams, scallops, and a haddock sandwich and of course, onion rings.

Enjoying the weather and I hope the company:-)

Our waterside view
We went back full and happy after a little ride along the coast up around Ocean Point, a quaint spot near Boothbay.  Now we had two days left and 2 lobster rolls in our future, we flipped a coin and decided on Five Islands Lobster for the next day.  It is quite a ride, about 30 miles in a bit of summer traffic, but another beautiful day.  We got there just as they were opening and Jason decided on the "Big Boy" lobster roll instead of the normal one, TWICE the meat!!
Our table view at Five Islands

Our lunch, the Big Boy is on the left, just below some
of the best onion rings on the planet!

Jason ready to tackle the "Big Boy"
We took our time coming back, meandering along the coast, enjoying the scenery, and stumbled across an amazing sight, this humongous sloop sticking out of a shed at the oldest boatbuilding company in America, Hodgdon Yachts.
Pretty little harbor

Kayakers enjoying the day

This is what caught our eye!

Hard to put this in perspective, but this boat is huge!!
The next day Red's Eats was on the agenda, but not until we went on a 2 mile hike to, ahem, make up for all the lobster!

Off we go.
Jason in the woods, wow!
So over to Red's, it opens right at 11:30AM, and we wanted to be in line, yes, in line by then.  To say it's a popular place is an understatement!  We did well, actually only 6 people ahead of us.
In line

Anticipation building
And was it worth the wait?  Oh yes it was, we all unanimously picked Red's this trip as the absolute winner of our lobster roll competition.  Red's roll is huge, fresh, not adorned with anything, the roll is slightly toasted and you have your choice of mayo or melted butter as a condiment.  We all went with the melted butter.  Man were they good!
Our lunch, 3 lobster rolls, fried mushrooms and onion rings

These babies are huge!

Jason working on a bite
Then since it was only just after noon, we decided to run up to Pemaquid Point Lighthouse and walk around a bit.  It was a warm day, but much cooler there on the point.  It is a beautiful spot, one that goes way back in Jan's memories of coming there as a little girl.

A happy camper!

My attempt at a panorama 
We worked our way back, took it easy the rest of the day, then Jason decided to treat us with another gastronomical treat as an appetizer before dinner.  Yeah, in case you wondered, we like food, unfortunately it sure shows on me!
Jason hard at work creating

Our delicious appetizer, toasted bread rounds topped with
prosciutto, fresh tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil
drizzled with olive oil and sea salt!
So now that we are all full, we have to leave Boothbay this morning and move farther up the coast to Camden to the Camden Hills State Park for a few days.  We have to bid good bye to our son tomorrow so the week has flown by.  Hope we made you hungry:-)


Nancy said...

I feel better now I see evidence of much lobster consumption!

Bill said...

Enough that we don't want to be adding it up! :-)