Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What a whirlwind week!

We've been here in Atlanta for just a week and we leave tomorrow morning to head to north Georgia and it feels like we just got here.  We have been to the dentist, had lunch with our son, seen good friends, are looking forward to getting together this evening with some other good friends, managed to get a lot of errands done, got the dinghy in the water, and even have had to deal with a little problem.

We wanted to take the opportunity to get the dinghy in the water since our campground here is right on Lake Allatoona.  So we drove down the hill right to the shore of the lake and went to work.  We were very curious how long it would take to set the boat and motor up as well as get it torn back down and stored away in the truck.  We were very pleased, and we realize we still have some modifications to make so we can make it even more efficient.  Nonetheless, out of the truck, inflate, mount the motor, load up the boat and off we go-----30 minutes!
Almost there

Ready to roll with our cool wheels

Just need to roll it in!
It worked very well and the motor started on the first pull, as it should, and we spent a very pleasant 1 1/2 hours tooling around the lake on a beautiful day.
A happy camper!
We brought it back and found out we had it broken down and packed away in 15 minutes. This is huge, we wanted this combo to be easy enough and quick enough to warrant the expense, so far we are very pleased.

We have a little problem that popped up.  We have air leveling on our coach, which means it uses the air suspension to level after we pull into a campsite.  It is totally automatic so we just push a button and hiss, hiss, hiss, and we are level.  Also the system comes back awake from time to time to recheck level, and if needed it readjusts.  Now since we aren't making more air, it adjusts by lowering the coach's high side.  Every coach has a certain amount of leakage, it is normal.  So after the coach reaches bottom on a corner, a small electric air compressor comes on automatically to restore the air.  Everything was working perfectly, the readjustments and the compressor running now and then, but we noticed at about the 4 day point we hadn't heard the compressor lately and  we were slightly tipping, made worse by the fact the site we are in is way out of level.  I checked the fuse first, good, then went to bypass the on/off pressure switch to force the compressor to run thinking it was just a bad switch......and nothing.  Hmmm.  Out comes the meter, recheck power is on both sides of the fuse, on the wire from the panel, and then to the compressor, and nothing?  Must be the ground, check it, all good.  Well, how the heck could this happen when we haven't even moved, so the diesel mechanic, Jan if you didn't know, crawls under with the meter, and checks for power and connection where the wires are up between the rear drive wheels.  Good ground, good connections, no power!  So we are kind of in a mystery as to how this happened just sitting here, but we are just going to run a new wire to the compressor from the panel, should be an easy job, famous last words, and we'll be good to go.  We'll do it later as we have a lot more fun stuff to do before we leave tomorrow.  We are also fortunate we have hydraulic leveling jacks as well so we are nice and level.  More to follow on this.

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