Thursday, December 10, 2015

Time in Atlanta almost up

Time flies, almost two weeks here and we are getting ready to leave already.  Unfortunately we have both spent most of the time here sick.  Jan picked up a bug and still has it, and of course I got it later.  Neither one of us has been sick for two years, I guess we were due.

Karen came and went, and even Tom for a bit, we both got our dentist and doctors taken care of, but did only part of our visiting, not wanting to contaminate everybody.

So we leave for Florida on Saturday, and if all goes well, we will get an oil change and service done at Speedco on our way down, and then we plan to stop at Josam's on Sunday night so they can get us into the shop first thing Monday.  We will have a few things done there including replacing that front ride height valve that malfunctioned in Durango and then adjusting our ride height, check the alignment, replace our desiccant cartridge, and fully inspect our chassis and drive train for any issues.  Hopefully that will all be taken care of in the morning and we plan to arrive at Royal Coachman in Nokomis, our winter home, in the afternoon.

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