Thursday, December 31, 2015

Time for a Recap of Our Year

We traveled a bit more and a bit further this past year than we originally planned.  We were going to do the west primarily, but a situation came up that made it desirable to go to New England first.  Our very old and dear friend April who was battling cancer asked if we could come by for the 4th of July holiday, and we of course said yes.  Our wonderful visit turned out to be bitter sweet as it would be the last time we saw April as she lost her battle Sep 29th.

Our year ended up being 10,950 miles up through New England across and north through Michigan to the Upper peninsula, across the Dakotas to Montana and Wyoming, then down to Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, then Lubbock, TX for Thanksgiving and back across Texas to Atlanta and south to Florida.  Our longest day was 514 miles from Llano, TX to Delhi, LA, with our shortest day again between Santa Fe, NM and Bernalillo, NM.  Our longest stay other than Florida was 5 weeks in Durango, CO, and we had 16 one night stays.  Our average campground cost per night was $37.87, they are definitely getting pricier, with the most expensive at $89.95 at the Hearthside Grove ultra Resort in Petoskey, MI.

We used 1902 gallons of diesel fuel at an average price of $2.55 as compared to 2014's average of $4.08!  Our mileage went up a tiny bit to 6.02 compared to 5.95 last year, so it really doesn't look like the Ugly Fix we installed worked so well, but we are going to have the valve lash done this spring so maybe that will help??

We had few big projects this year which was welcome compared to the previous year, some paint and body work done to primarily the front cap where the clear coat had worn off, and recovered the captain's chairs.  But we did have a somewhat normal list of small items, coolant tank leak, a leveling issue that seemed to fix itself (always good), relocated our small leveling air compressor, replaced our windshield (and will have to again since it broke again), and replaced a ride height valve.

So come with us through our year with some of the highlights.

Sunset in Venice, FL

Out with the old

Fixing a boo boo

Body work on the front cap


Looks good

In with the new

Our own

Lots and lots

Good friend John with his new toy

New River Bridge, WV


Horseback tour in Gettysburg

PA Memorial, Gettysburg

A hike in Gettysburg

Resort parking in NH at Mark and Ginger's

Two of our oldest friends, Ray and April (RIP)

Our son Jason visits in ME

Lobstah rolls!

Jason and Jan

Jordan Pond


Rugged coastline


Enjoying Bob and Harlean's company

Scott's Camaro, but no Scott:(

Hearthside Grove Resort in MI

Our view from the site

Fairyland architecture in Traverse City

Over the Mackinac Bridge

Little Big Horn Battlefield

Two big moose

The "Hole in the Wall"

New windshield

High cool picnic

Pagosa Springs, CO

Jo and Jan

Harvey and Ron

Ron and Jo are some of our bestest Pagosa friends, but we had to say
Goodbye to Ron this year as well, RIP

Piedra River


High above Silverton

Horseback riding in the Rockies

Hiking at over 13,000'

Picnic above Durango

Jan loving it!

Here comes fall

Fall reaches Spud Lake

Near Molas Pass

What a view

Jan and I sharing the bed with the Grandkids!

Tent Rocks

In the slot

Happy 93 to Vivian, Jan's mom

Mary Beth, Nancy, Jan, Viv, and Susan

Here comes our nephew Walker!

Chiricahua National Monument

Gila Cliff Dwellings

Snow in Albuquerque, time to go

Jan at Thanksgiving

Our daughter, Kelly

Jason playing with Faith and Christian at Kelly and Todd's

Which brings us back to a beautiful sunset in Venice, FL

                                                    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE !!!!!!

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