Friday, November 6, 2015

Family time in Albuquerque!

We've been having a blast with family while we are here in Albuquerque.  It started off with a bang as we first picked up Viv, Jan's mom, then over to the airport to surprise her with Susan and Mary Beth; Jan, Nancy, and Karen's cousins at the airport and then on to Nancy and CT's we went.  Megan, our niece popped in with her 4 kids, who Jan and I hadn't seen in many moons.  Wow how time flies.  We had a wonderful reunion and a delicious dinner.  

The girls went shopping and walking around Old Town, went up to the crest on top of Sandia Mountain overlooking the city, and of course, we all ended up back at N&CT's for dinner again and more festivities.

View of Albuquerque from the crest

Later we all went up to Santa Fe to get those famous green chili cheeseburgers at Santa Fe Bite, and walked and shopped around the square in Santa Fe.  
Mary Beth, Nancy, Jan, and Susan helping Viv FaceTime
with her 91 year old brother Alf
Even folks our ages are consumed with technology, huh:)

It was so very nice getting together with family.  Jan and I certainly love our lifestyle, but one of the few drawbacks is that we can't really entertain more than a couple in our coach, and overnight stays are a real challenge.  On the good side though we can easily visit family and friends with low impact as we bring our home and bed with us:)

Karen was missed in the festivities, but she is busy, busy back at the farm right now.  We also went out and had a delicious dinner at El Brunos, one of our favorites in Albuquerque.

Jan, Nancy, CT, Susan, Mary Beth, and Vivian
enjoying dinner at El Brunos

We bid good bye to Susan and Mary Beth Saturday morning.  Megan and Chip had us over to dinner, which Megan cooked and yes it was delicious!  Even dessert.  

Jan and I had several errands to do while here, Costco, Total Wine, her hair, detail the motorhome, we really like a service here that does it, grocery shopping, and a few other odds and ends.  We had yet another great dinner and get together with Nancy, CT, Wendy, and Gordon, we hadn't seen them in ages.  It was great to catch up!  We had lunch with Viv in her apartment to visit for the last time this trip.  Then met Nancy and CT for an early breakfast at the Range before we took off for the Roswell, NM area, and bid goodbye to Albuquerque for awhile.

Goodbye Albuquerque!


Sandy Smith said...

The term is buck, not bronced, for both saddle and bareback.

Bill said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah...........:)