Saturday, October 25, 2014


We are very happy to report we have accomplished our Unlimited Data quest.  We found a plan and a seller we felt we could trust on eBay and ended up buying an unlimited data plan for $99, about the middle of what we were finding.  We had a quick uneventful buy and the AOL, Assumption of Liability went okay after a bit of a delay with Verizon, in fact it seemed for awhile that the agent wasn't familiar with the procedure at all.  But after a hold of about 7-8 minutes with our heart rate increasing, he came back on the phone, said our credit was fine, and that he would send an email for us to accept the AOL.  So poof, it was done, but........ we couldn't sign on to Verizon without our new phone that was arriving later in the day!  

We did get his name and employee number and his absolute assurance we had an UDP, unlimited data plan.  The next little burp came when the new phone arrived, we opened it up and where is the SIM card?  What!  No SIM card!  So off to a nearby Verizon store, we are now in Albuquerque, so that was easy and close, and they ended up giving me a new SIM card for free.  Then back to turn on the new phone and call Verizon.  It's kind of funny, we have had iPhones forever so it actually took me a few minutes to even figure out how to turn the new phone on!  But after about 10 minutes on the phone with a very nice Verizon agent, we had a working phone with an UDP.  Then this morning I was able to fully sign on to Verizon, change the phone number, and double check and verify we indeed have a UDP.

So we feel pretty set now, at least until Verizon dumps the unlimited or whatever else may come down the pike.  We have 2 iPhones on AT&T with 40GB/month of hotspottable data, and a Verizon plan with unlimited data we will use with our MiFi.  So let the streaming begin:-)

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