Friday, October 3, 2014

Success! And an absolutely fantastic experience.

Those of us with RV's, motorhomes or whatever look toward service with trepidation and dread.  It's tough because most times you really need to get something fixed, but in the back of your mind you wonder if the fix is better than the problem.  Many of the large facilities seem to lose you in their haste and number of customers, and then you come out and notice, oh man, that mark wasn't there before or why is that doing that now?  This is one of the main reasons we prefer to do the vast majority of the work ourselves.  But now and then something happens that is outside of your comfort zone or knowledge base.

We had heard that the Coburg, OR area is repair, remodel, service heaven for the west coast.  This is where Monaco and Country Coach were based in the heyday therefore there were tons of suppliers and services available to them and related to their business.  When they went under many of the talented people that worked for them went out on their own, started their own shops and have been building their customer bases.  I'm going to talk about 2 of those businesses, Elite Repair and Remodel in Harrisburg, OR and Amazing Creations in Junction City, OR.

I'll start with Amazing Creations and their principals, Scott and Bobby.  As you know we tore out our driver's side couch and replaced it with a stressless chair and needed to have a desk/cabinet unit built to fit the space and do the things we wanted it to do.  We heard Scott and Bobby were our guys as they were very open to ideas and would build essentially anything you wanted.  We had called ahead, talked to them in generalities about what we wanted and explained we were on a tight time frame.  They welcomed us to come right to their shop, park there for the night and they would see what they could do.  We arrived about 4pm on Tuesday for our 6am appointment on Wednesday, but when Bobbie met us he said he'd be out in a couple minutes to see what we had in mind, sure beat the 6am deal!  We discussed our goals, he asked several questions, suggested a few things and he and Jan worked it out for the cabinet, then we moved on to another little spot that was nothing but wasted space, basically inaccessible, and asked if we could do anything about that?  Bobbie said sure.  So we talked price, very fair, and the main thing, time.  He said he could start on us immediately, and would have us out on Friday!  Wow, super, lets do it!

Meanwhile since we had our slide topper awnings replaced last winter, the Carefrees replaced by Girards, we have been having a bit of a problem with our 2 driver side slide outs.  They were sticking, and were very reluctant to go out without some help in the form of a nudge inside, then with a bang out they would go, in fact the bedroom slide out would lean precariously as this was happening.  We were very concerned, and we had heard that Elite were slide experts, so we had called them to see if they could fit us in later that morning after we talked to Amazing Creations, and we were able to get a 10am appointment with them.  We left Amazing Creations, pulled into Elite, were met by Erik, Mark, and Marty, and directed straight into the shop precisely at 10am, explained what was going on, showed them, they analyzed it immediately and set to work!  Wow again, this, folks, never happens.  Turned out the issue was that the Girard slide topper awnings were installed incorrectly and had to be remounted, they were catching on themselves and impeding the movement of the slide out.  Then on further investigation on the leaning bedroom slide they discovered that the bed pedestal which also keeps the slide out rigid and attached to the mechanism was broken.  So by 2:30pm we were leaving with the slide out awnings remounted, the bed pedestal completely rebuilt, better than new I might add, a main patio awning adjusted, and our intermittent cruise control fixed!  Wow, wow, wow!  All 3 of these gentlemen were knowledgable, professional, and dedicated to customer service, no wonder they have a superlative reputation.  We went to spend Wednesday night at a nearby campground with the understanding Amazing Creation would call us when they needed us.  

We had a pleasant quiet evening in a nice park, then at about 9 the next morning, Scott called to see if we could come over about 11am?  Fantastic, we were amazed they needed us on Thursday.  Over we went, grabbed some lunch, then Scott and Bobby installed our desk/cabinet and then Bobby cleverly put in a drawer in our "lost" spot which blew us away. 
Bobby running the new electric

Scott and Bobbie installing our new cabinet!


This our "lost space" behind this panel.

Bobbie's fantastic solution!

So by about 4:30pm, we had our new furniture installed, electric plug run in, and the spot taken care of, remember this is on Thursday, a whole day earlier than promised!  We took advantage of their hospitality and electric cord and spent the night in their lot.

We are now parked in an absolutely fantastic luxury campground in Newport, OR, right on the coast with a view of the ocean and waves right outside the front window.  Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort, a condo campground where each lot is owned and can be available to rent.  It is manicured, landscaped, with a nice clubhouse, pool, etc.  
The view out our front window!

So we can't say enough good about these 2 businesses.  We felt at each place we were treated like their only customers and that we were all they cared about at the moment, how's that compare to your last service.....anywhere???  If your travels take you out this way and you need absolutely quality work done you cannot go wrong with Elite Repair and Remodel and Amazing Creations!

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