Sunday, April 8, 2018

One week and counting.....

Just a quick update before we leave.  The park is churning, lots of people have left already, but a bunch have come in to replace them.  Every year we get a number of people that spend the winter farther south, stop here for a week or so before resuming their journey to the cold country, but this year we have had numerous weekend visitors that seem to be local.  But for us, the time has come, there is a distinctive change to the weather, you can feel the first tendrils of heat and humidity drifting in, and it's so funny, some of our friends, particularly the ones who stay here year round, are welcoming the change, while we begin to think of cooler climes.  But this year with the New England winter so white, several are stuck between a rock and a hard place as they would just as soon head north, but definitely don't want to see any snow.

Our motorhome projects are essentially done, the last job was to replace a friction tape on a slide.  Its function is to turn over the rubber seal, a flap that needs to point out when the slide is out and in when the slide is in.  It's a low tech solution, but one Monaco used to flip the seal.

Installing the new tape
We have been busy with goodbye get-togethers as friends are trickling out and seeing friends that live here before we join the march north.
One of the last get togethers at OSD
The next post will probably be about 2 weeks out, as we will be busy cleaning up our site, putting all our paraphernalia in our storage unit, making our way first to Orlando to have our air bags replaced, then on to see Bert's vet NE of Atlanta, before we get to our campground NW of Atlanta.
Another farewell party
So to those who are staying, have a wonderful and hurricane free summer, and for those who are leaving, safe travels and fair winds.

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