Thursday, January 18, 2018

Freezing in Florida

Yeah, I know, this doesn't affect or amuse any of you that reside up north, but let me tell you 32 degrees is frigging freezing down here:-)  So huddled up inside with the furnace on I thought I would let you know we are still alive and really busy.

We've accomplished a few items on our list, taking the outboard motor to St Pete to get it evaluated.  And thanks to Jamie and Shannon's recommendation we stopped in Brandon at a very good sushi place for lunch, Sushi Maru.  You know I couldn't get through a post without a mention of food, right, or a pic.

We wondered as we used it this past year whether it was developing full power under full throttle.  They checked it all out and found it is doing just fine.  We are fighting a gremlin on our truck, a "check gas cap" message that the dealer has tried to fix twice so far without success and they are taking it back in next week to fix it, once and for all, according to the service manager.  Jan accomplished the mundane yet satisfying job of cleaning down all the cabinetry, the windows, and all the screens.  Looks great. We haven't yet started on any of our bigger projects, what with Texas Hold'em, Mah Jongg, Tiki Bar, meeting friends, and now Bingo, but we need to get started.  

We have finalized an appointment to have our broken wheel well repaired in Elkhart, and are starting to flesh in our plans for the upcoming summer.  We will hold off on tires and chassis batteries until we are closer to leaving, no sense in having either one aging while we just sit here.

So hopefully in a couple weeks I'll have a bit more interesting post to share with some of our completed projects. 

I'll leave you with a picture of a very cool and very appropriate fountain we saw here in the park:)

Keep warm, everybody!


Nancy said...

Bingo, seriously, bingo!? Games are good for the mind but bingo?

Bill said...

Don't knock it until you try it. Assume that's just the drugs talking:-)