Friday, September 29, 2017

Weather has been unsettled, winter is coming

Once we got our truck back we needed to go to the storage unit we rented while it was being repaired and get all our "stuff" back.  We were warned by the body shop that it would take a couple months for our new paint to fully cure and be as hard as the paint on the rest of the truck, so our idea of getting the roof rack on and the cargo carrier back in place is postponed for awhile.  That made moving the stuff turn into a couple of trips, and now our carrier is sitting beside the motorhome on the ground.

The weather has been very unsettled this year.  We have had a lot of rain, wind, and cool cloudy days.  I'm sure the locals are cheering as there is quite a bit of snow on the higher elevations already.  Last year the nearest ski resort, Purgatory, had to delay their opening for lack of snow.  I don't think that will be the case this year, but we'll see.

After the snow and rain came one day, and the next day turned out to be beautiful we decided to go for a short hike around Andrew's Lake.  It was around 60 degrees at the campground and I didn't really think it through and didn't bring a heavy coat or gloves, and when we got to the lake it was a balmy 37 degrees for our hike.  But wow, was it gorgeous with the snow frosting the trees and the mountains.

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A snowy wonderland
So we bundled up as well as we could and off we went.  It was worth it, a very enjoyable trek around the lake.  And the hot coffee we brought with us sure was welcome when we got back.
Making tracks

We haven't gone back up since and they've had much more snow, even the town of Silverton got several inches two nights ago.  

We decided to go into town and see the Durango and Silverton train museum, no, even in all these years coming here, we'd never gone before.  It was interesting, lot of memorabilia, and 2 engines and several cars on exhibit.

This is the engineer's view
he stands or sits in the tiny area to the right
A view into one of the cars
It was an interesting time.  The museum is open every day and is completely free.  A good take if you're in Durango.  Then after we found a really good wood fired pizza place for lunch, Fired Up.


Chief said...

I know I missed it but where do you stay when in Durango.
The last time we were there we stayed at Alpen Rose.

Bill said...

I am remiss oftentimes and don't include the campground info, I do have it on my map though. We stay at Alpen Rose. We have been staying there for years, and for the last several we stay for 4-5 weeks in the fall. It is a nice full service campground in a good location. We have looked at all the others in the area and feel it is the best.