Saturday, December 10, 2016

Quick update as we zero in on Florida

We usually spend several weeks in Atlanta as we go by in spring and fall, but sometimes even the best laid plans go awry.  We stop in Atlanta for many reasons, dentist and doctor appointments, yeah, we still have our dentist in Atlanta and probably will for some time, but we are down to only one doctor, our dermatologist, and we both know we really need to find one in Florida, to see our son Jason, and meet up with several good friends.

We have two outstanding issues with the motorhome, one, when we had the 3M film taken off and replaced in the spring there was one section that didn't quite meet our approval, so it needs to be replaced under warranty, and two, we discovered a problem that has occurred on a few motorhomes that have the same chassis as we do.  It is thankfully a rare issue but several owners have reported a crack in a vertical rear suspension component that has needed repair.  We know and trust Josam in Orlando for truck and motorhome chassis work, so we want to stop and have them inspect the questionable component.  We have a start date for our winter time in Royal Coachman RV Resort and wanted to do the appointments right up against that time.  Well, not so fast, things are heating up with all the snowbirds arriving, so we had to make the appointments earlier than we desired.  

Also we needed to get our cat, Bert, to the vet, and as I have mentioned in the past we have to take him in the motorhome.  Yeah, the motorhome, not just because he's the ruler of the roost, as he obviously is, but because we can't take him in the truck.  He gets so upset and messes it up so badly it takes us a week to clean it back up.  I won't go into details, but believe me, taking him in the coach is way more preferable.

Then to boot, both Jan and I have colds, not sure if that's from a Texas bug or that we're allergic to the east :-)  Either way, not a good thing.

So bottom line, our time in Atlanta had to be shortened, and now we are making our way south, in fact we just crossed into Florida and since maybe we are jinxed or maybe it's just murphy, the temps have been cold the last several days, highs in the 50's and lows in the upper 30's.  Depends where you are reading this, but that's a bit cool for FL, the natives might say it's frigging cold!

Ever since I was a kid, one of the things you get on your birthday is to pick out a meal.  We did this with our kids and we still do it today.  This is food you make at home not go out, although I guess you could do that if you wanted.  We postponed mine a bit with our colds and then I picked crab cakes, something we rarely make.  Well, man we hit it out of the park!  They were awesome!
Didn't want anyone to think we had given up on great food :-)
So I'll catch up later after our two appointments, keep your fingers crossed on the suspension deal, and after we get situated for the winter on our site.  Keep warm, I know we will :)

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