Thursday, October 13, 2016

Our 5 weeks in Durango has flown by!

Wow, tomorrow we leave Durango, one of our absolutely favorite spots in the west.  Our fall destination for the last two years and we just made our reservation for next fall as well.  We often talk about where would we go if we stopped our life on the road and we both have to admit Durango is way up near the top of the list.  It's a nice size town, big enough that there is most anything you need right here and there is always Farmington, NM, down the road about 50 miles.  There is plenty to do here, lots of hiking, off roading, interesting old mining towns, world class fishing, a wonderful bike path through town and along the Animas River, phenomenal scenery, majestic mountains, and with all that, it is a really nice walk around town with lots of shops and many restaurants.

You get the picture.  But at this time of the year, you can feel the cold winds of winter making themselves known.  We took a drive to a favorite overlook near Pagosa Springs where you can get the idea that winter is right around the corner.
This is a view of the Wolf Creek Ski Area

Another view of the nearby mountains

And the road we drove up!
I also mentioned we wanted to go back and poke around behind the Purgatory ski area where we saw the old Harris Ranch.
Harris Ranch

A view down the gorgeous valley
We had a spectacular day roaming the back roads.
A great day!

Just beautiful

Even got to check the boating ability of the truck:)
So we say goodbye to Durango and the beautiful surrounding area until next year.  We move down to Taos tomorrow and will spend some time with Jan's sister, Karen.  So from another superb coffee spot we move on.

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