Friday, September 30, 2016

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Now typically anywhere out here in the west is clear, compared to the east, given the much lower humidity, but some days are absolutely spectacular.  The aspens are popping with their yellow brilliance, and sometimes you have to pause and just be amazed by the beauty of the mountains.  We had a couple of those days all in a row!  First off, we wanted to get up to Silverton before the covering of snow left.

Frosting on the cake

Along the way

Looking down into Silverton
We took advantage of the day and walked from one end of town to the other, had a mediocre lunch, but it didn't matter as the day was so beautiful.  We noticed the train was parked awaiting its trip back to Durango so we ambled over to take a couple pictures of the classic.

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Then we headed back up and over Molas Pass back to Durango.  We've noticed a tiny cabin off the side of the road many many times before, but never realized there was a rough winding road that led to it.  Well it called and we went:)
See the cabin?

Close up
Who knows what stories this place could tell.  We did a bunch of looking on the internet, but I was unable to find any info.  It is just north of Molas Pass and there is evidence of several other foundations, and some remnants of some buildings down in the draw nearby.  If anyone has any luck learning more about it, I'd love to hear it.

The view from Molas was spectacular as well.

Not wanting to lose this day, we got back to the coach, made some coffee and headed up to the overlook above Hermosa and Durango.
Looking north towards Hermosa

And back south to Durango
We wanted to hike up to Potato Lake (Spud) once more before we left the area, and since the aspens are almost at their peak we figured the time was at hand.  Another amazing day greeted us as we headed up the trail.

We took our time basking in the sunshine and enjoying the views.

When we arrived at the lake we were all alone, it was like our own private paradise.  We found a nice spot and enjoyed our picnic lunch.  An hour went by before we saw another soul.
Our view for lunch!
Soon a lone man came around soon to be joined by his wife, who meandered their way over to us.  We had the pleasure of meeting Jim and Nina from Oregon who are avid hikers, in fact they have hiked all over the world.  We had a very enjoyable conversation with them recommending several off the beaten path places we will absolutely have to visit, in fact one of them south of Farmington, the Bisti Badlands we plan to see later next week.  It's serendipity that at a remote place in the mountains you get the opportunity to meet incredibly nice people.

We made our way slowly back down the trail stopping now and then to savor the colors.
Beaver pond

We had a wonderful time, and lucky we did for the next day was rainy, foggy, cold, and dreary.  It's all about the timing:)  I'll leave you with this.
Spud Lake

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