Saturday, May 7, 2016

Our Atlanta pit stop

We have been here in Atlanta one week so far, with one to go.  We always cram in a lot of stuff while here.  It was home for almost 12 years, but other than knowing where things are, other places feel more homey to us.  Each time we come back, the growth in traffic is overwhelming, but of course it is offset by good friends and seeing our son Jason.  We still have our dentist here and probably will for some time, we really like him, and we also see our dermatologist, which we really should replace with one in Florida.  We'll see.

Jason took a few days off from work to spend some time with us, so he joined us in going to one of the places we look forward to, an exceptional Japanese restaurant, Nori Nori that specializes in sushi.  Also Jason helped me with a couple of little projects on the motorhome.  He's an hour away, but has been a great sport in driving back and forth.  Also we have seen several good friends, enjoying meals and visits, although they sure keep us early risers and early go to bedders awake into the night:)  

We are still struggling with our wiper system, even after all the new body work.  The shafts where they come through the fiberglass front cap are still moving around a bit, and we are very gun shy about using them fearing they will crack the brand new repair.  I called the wiper manufacturer and discussed at length with them how to address the problem.  Seems the washers that were provided with the kit were in error, and do not allow you to torque the mounting bolts enough for a secure fit.  We didn't realize that until now, so I have been on a quest to find the proper washers and lock nuts to fix the problem permanently.  I pick up the ordered items on Monday and will remount them.

So a few more visits, meals, restaurants, doctor appointments, and our time here will be done.
A pretty view from our campground in Atlanta

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