Saturday, March 26, 2016

A quick note

We have completed the reservation process for our campground for next season, and we and all of our friends have been able to renew and stay on their sites if they wanted, and at least one was able to move to another site.  The best news of all is that Jan's sister, Karen managed to snag a site for next season, so we are looking forward to her company next year.

Got a couple little things done on the motorhome, had a few more visits, lunches, fires, dinners, tiki bars, and sunsets at the jetty.  Trying to cram in all the things we enjoy in the time we have left.  This coming week will have many folks moving out and heading back home to the north country, and then we will have another group move in that spent their winter further south or in the Keys as they make their way north with the spring.  

Happy Easter everyone!

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