Friday, January 15, 2016

Wasting away in Floridaville:)

While we sit in Florida, we are busy with friends and involved with different social activities, hence the blog slows down.  We have made progress with the shock issue, and have received the new replacements for the leaking ones and have set up an appointment in Orlando with Josam's to have them replaced on Tuesday.  Also our windshield has been inspected and this replacement will be done under warranty as they feel, as did we, that it is a stress fracture, and the best news in the installer will come here to our site to replace it.

So we have been coasting along almost smug for the last few months, very few problems, no big projects ahead, and so on.......   Well this morning we wake to pouring rain, in fact it started around midnight, and Jan and I are sitting in bed having our coffee and reading the paper when she says, "Why is there water dripping on me?!?"  And sure enough, the wind must be just right, and the slide seal just wrong and sure enough rain is seeping in over our heads along the slide.  So we get the slide in, clean up the water, and now we have a new project to evaluate the problem and take care of it.  I believe it is getting  to be time to replace the slide seals since the coach is now 8 going on 9 years old.  

Now on that age subject, we went to the huge Tampa RV Supershow yesterday, the largest RV show anywhere.  No we aren't looking for another  coach, we just like to look.  Well, nothing we saw makes us want to get rid of our coach.  We don't like the way the floor plans and innovation is headed, nor the prices.  For example, windows.  We have sliding windows throughout the coach, with screens, so on those beautiful days we can open our windows up and enjoy pleasant, clean air.  Nowadays, all the windows are glued in and non sliders, I guess because they look good????  They are small opening awning windows, just the bottom opens out slightly.  No way would you get any breeze through the coach, they don't open enough and even open they would still impede the airflow.

This gives you an idea of what I am describing.
But this is just a small example of what we are seeing.  We admit this is all personal opinion, lots of the new stuff is selling like hotcakes.  Floor plans now include almost exclusively 1 1/2 baths.  I guess that for people who are not full-timing are much in demand, not for us, it wastes too much room, and in our opinion it runs every guest through your bedroom to take a shower.  Also it appears the manufacturers are in competition to see who can install the most TV's in a unit.  We counted 6 on one coach!  Anyway we are very content with what we have.

So throughout the winter the posts will be a little more sporadic, unless you really want to see a bunch of pictures of the good food we are eating:)

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